How low cut is too low cut for a dress with a low cut bodice?

    Some might say how low cut is too low cut for a dress with a low cut bodice depends on the body the dress is on. If your body is perfect like the model below then you probably can get away with wearing a dress that’s cut as low as the one she’s wearing.

    That’s a seriously low cut dress that would not be recommended if you don’t have perfect breasts like the model in the picture. You don’t want to wear something like that with breasts that aren’t firm enough to stay put or breasts that aren’t upwardly turned. You also don’t want to wear a dress like that if you don’t have a flat sexy stomach to show off, and you certainly don’t want to wear a dress like this if you don’t have the confidence to keep strutting your stuff while people are gawking at you.

    The model in the picture looks great, but if a woman goes around wearing a dress like that in ordinary circumstances she might invite some dirty looks from people who think that’s a little too much skin to be showing no matter how good you look.

    Image by via Flickr

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    Author: Written January 28, 2012

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