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Live out your journalistic fantasies. This form allows you to quickly and easily report news stories. All stories will be reviewed and verified first before going live. At our discretion we will edit submissions and add images as deemed suitable.
  • Write a simple catchy headline that tells the reader what the news article is going to be about
  • Enter the name of the person or other entity that this news story is about
  • In this section don't go fully into detail but briefly answer the question "What?" as it relates to the "Who" or the article.
  • Is there a related date that answers the question of "When" as it relates to "Who" and "What" ?
  • Is there a related location that answers the question of "Where" as it relates to "Who", "What" and "When"?
  • For example, if the "What" of the story is that someone was arrested you might use this field to explain briefly why they were arrested or if you already said why in the "What" section you can expand a bit but don't be too detailed.
  • Here you can write the full details of the story

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