Scott Thompson forced to resign from his position as CEO of Yahoo Inc

    Shortly after the doctored resume scandal broke out, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, the man who stood accused of lying on his resume by claiming to have acquired a bachelor’s degree in computer science and accounting from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts when in fact he had only received a bachelor’s degree in accounting, offered an apology for the misrepresentation on his resume, but insisted it was just an unintentional, innocuous error, and it was not going to result in his stepping down from his position as chief executive officer at Yahoo. Seems Mr. Thompson has come to the end of the road in what has apparently been a long running deception that has rewarded him greatly with lofty positions such as his position as president of the PayPal Unit of Ebay Inc. which he held prior to taking the CEO position at Yahoo. According to published reports he has agreed this weekend to resign after it was found that he lied when he claimed the errors on his resume had not been made with a conscious choice to deceive.

    Yahoo Inc. CEO Scott Thompson agreed to resign this weekend after the company’s board obtained evidence that contradicted his claim of innocence over his misstated academic record, people familiar with the matter said. (source)

    Image of Scott Thompson Yodel Anecdotal/Yahoo! Inc.

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    Scott Thompson former yahoo ceo
    Author: Written May 14, 2012

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