What is the net worth of Louis Bacon as of January 2012?

    Louis Bacon is listed as the #312 richest person in America based on data compiled by Forbes. He ranks #312 on The Forbes 400.

    Reported Net Worth of Louis Bacon

    $1.4 Billion


    Hedge Funds

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    Long Island, New York

    [dataappend place="Long Island, New York"]

    (Information last known to be accurate as of September 2011)

    1. Brett says:

      Very rich person but how he got there is not very pretty.

      http://www.LouisBaconNews.com chronicles all of the news that is written about Louis Bacon around the world. News stories with headlines such as:

      - Louis Bacon manipulated legal system …
      - Senators Unveil Bacons Illegal Actions …
      - Bacon’s Bahamas Home Raided By Police …
      - Forbes – Insider Case Snares Moore Capital …
      - The Wall Street Journal – Ex-Moore Capital trader fined $1m …
      - Bacon’s fund has dealt with other legal issues …
      - AIG suing ICP and Moore Capital (Louis Bacon) for $350 million in damages …
      - Arrests Made After Major Insider Trading Raid At Mega Hedge Fund Moore Capital …

      These stories all made headlines around the world. All we do is reprint them. Yes, Louis Bacon is a very rich man … but at what cost?

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