How do you make a gold gradient in photoshop?

    Why create your own gold gradients when you can find gold gradients around the Internet ready for download and use? Here are some provided on the adobe website. gold gradients

    But in case you absolutely must create one of your own you can follow these steps

    1. Create a new document in photoshop 500 by 500 with white background
    2. Duplicate the layer by going to Layer->Duplicate layer
    3. Go to Layer->Layer Style->Gradient Overlay
    4. Click on any gradient
    5. Depending on how many stops the gradient you click on have add additional stops needed to make 7 stops
    6. Moving left to right your stops should have the following color and location settings
      • Stop 1 at location 5% with color #A18C4D
      • Stop 2 at location 27% with color #C9BA75
      • Stop 3 at location 45% with color #f6f1ce
      • Stop 4 at location 54% with color #F8EEB0
      • Stop 5 at location 62% with color #F2E9A6
      • Stop 6 at location 78% with colorĂ‚  #c9ba75
      • Stop 7 at locaiton 95% with color#A18C4D
    7. Click “New” to add your gradient as a new gradient in the collection then click ok
    8. You should now be back to the gradient overlay dialog box with your new gold gradient selected. Click ok to use this gradient

    Your document should now look like gold gradient below.

    1. silvia says:

      very nice. thank you a lot

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    Author: Written February 12, 2011

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