Will using green in your website design help your site make more money?

    Just a random and probably ridiculous question, but I’ve wondered this for some time and even tried in the past using green in my own web development projects hoping that somehow it would result in more income. Of course I know that the color you use in your web design won’t have any direct impact on your income but I do believe that indirectly your color choices can inspire interest or drive away interest; and interest is a big factor in determining if your site succeeds or fails. You need to pull people in and color can do that; but does green color make them come in and want to spend money to buy whatever you’re selling? Or does green color send out some kind of vibe into the universe that results in you getting more money from your affiliate links and other advertisements? I don’t think so. It would be an interesting study to conduct though.

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    Author: Written May 6, 2012

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