Is Mila Kunis Greek?

    It’s hard to find a definitive answer on this one. There’s plenty of information hinting that Mila Kunis has Greek ancestry but there’s nothing outright stating she’s of Greek descent. Her wiki bio says she was born in the Ukraine to a Jewish family. Probably people think she’s Greek because of her coloring and her name but it seems the origins of the name Kunis are Dutch and German Jewish.

    1. faye says:

      okay now, here it is…the majority of biracial people are the most striking exotic looking people in the world. They have their own look that sets them off from the rest of us so, enjoy the beauty of these individuals okay…..

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    2. EP says:

      My guess, given her name is that she is of Lithuanian decent

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    3. Nikos Gavrilov says:

      There are sizeable numbers of Greeks living in the Ukraine and Russia especially in areas bordering the Black Sea. Mila’s namae could be mis-transliterared as ‘Kounis’ is a Greek name. My maternal grandmother from Russia was of Greek ancestry, Pontic to be specific.

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    Author: Written December 17, 2010

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