Are you ready to admit you’re jealous of Rihanna?

    Rihanna loves to show off her photos and why shouldn’t she? If you looked as good as Rihanna wouldn’t you love to show off your pictures too? You probably would, although, come to think of it there are plenty of celebs who look as good as Rihanna who aren’t tweeting semi nude pictures of themselves every few days; but none of them have Rihanna’s “don’t care” personality. Let’s face it, Rihanna is free in a way most of us aren’t. At least she appears that way. She’s in touch with her sexuality. She’s not afraid of it. She’s not ashamed of it. She’s in your face with it and she knows it makes you uncomfortable but she doesn’t care because she knows it’s your discomfort that’s not normal, not her freeness with herself and her body.

    Check out Rihanna’s latest picture share (photos)

    Image of Rihanna

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    Rihanna at the Battleship Australian Premiere 2012
    Author: Written May 14, 2012

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