Any question if Prince Harry is really Prince Charles’ son?

    Yes, there has been speculation in the past as to whether or not Prince Harry, whose actual name is Henry Charles Albert David, was really fathered by Prince Charles. In fact there was a rumor in recent years that Prince Harry himself had some questions as to whether Prince Charles had fathered him or if possibly Diana’s lover James Hewitt had fathered him. Charles Andersen, author of a number of book about Princess Diana, is quoted in a USA Today article as saying that there are too numerous similarities between Prince Harry and James Hewitt to discount the possibility that Harry might be James Hewitt’s son and not Prince Charles’ son (article). All of that was about 4 years ago. In fact exactly 4 years ago today the headlines were circulating about Prince Harry wanting to get a DNA test.

    On June 14th 2007 TMZ posted the below photo on their website under the headline Prince Harry: Who’s My Daddy?!


    Their aim was to point out that claims Prince Harry was definitely James Hewitt’s son because he shared Hewitt’s read hair could be easily disputed by pointing out that Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer also had hair and gene science being what it is, even though neither his mother nor his father had red hair Prince Harry could have inherited the red hair via his mother’s genes anyway.

    To suspect that Prince Harry might not be Prince Charles’ son is to suggest that Princess Diana was capable of the level of dishonesty necessary to be willing and able to pull off such a major scheme.

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    Author: Written June 14, 2011

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