How come Connor Cruise looks like Tom Cruise?

    If you’ve thought to yourself that Connor Cruise looks like Tom Cruise you’re not alone. Other people have thought the same and wondered how come the resemblance is so striking. In the below screenshot from a page showing Tom Cruise and his son Connor at a Lakers Hornets game back in March 2011, you can almost see why people might think Connor looks like Tom.

    So what accounts for the resemblance between Connor Cruise and Tom Cruise? Is it just one of those lucky things where the adopted child resembles an adopted parent enough to make it possible they could be the adopted parent’s biological child? We’re not going to speculate here but other people have. Here are some links to places where bloggers and members of the general public have expressed their opinion that Tom Cruise might actually be Connor Cruise’s biological father.


    This Kid is Tom Cruise’s Natural Son (Note: There is profanity on this page so do not click the link if you are offended by profanity)

    Connor Cruise Joins Dad Tom At The Lakers Game (PHOTOS)

    And This Guy Is Supposed To Be Adopted???

    The list could go on, but you get the point. There are some people who think Tom Cruise is the biological father of Connor Cruise; but one would imagine if there was any truth to that it would have come out into the open by now. It’s nearly impossible to cover up such a thing. There would be someone who knows something about it who would try to sell what they know to tabloids. Somehow the information would have come to light.

    1. Nikita says:

      I was just checking out and also keep noticing this kid looks like his dad. He might be. But damn they resemble.. ;-)

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    2. meg says:

      Conner looks exactly like Tom & walks like him. I think he is his biological son w/a Black woman!

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    3. kim says:

      if you remember, Nicole Kidman had issues conceiving with Tom and also with keith Urban. she even said she went to a fertility pond in australia with hopes of it working. i think they had Conner with a surrogate. this kid is most def Tom’s they’re identical. good for him. best wishes to their family

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    4. erica says:

      It’s obvious that connor is his biological son. im sorry, but anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot. How can you not see the resembalance? The scenerio of adoptive parents be so lucky to adopt a child that just happens to bear striking resembalance to their child, is bullshit. at some point, tom cruise had sex with a black women, and got her pregnant. period. Either he dosent want people to know that he is into black women, or he didn’t want his wife at the time to know about his unfaithfulness, and came up with this “adoption” route. If nicole and tom went the surroget route…why wouldnt they just say that? BECAUSE that is tom’s love child. duh. connor must feel like shit because his dad is to afraid to claim him as his biological child. you don”t think that boy knows tom is his father? He knows. everybody knows.

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    5. Cindy says:

      Maybe if Tom had an affair with a black woman that might have led to the fall of Tom and Nicole’s marriage.
      Just a thought. The resemblance between Father and Son is uncanny.

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    6. jen says:

      that is his son all the way. everything about him says tom. lol its okay tom we knew you would cross over one day. but no really i think nicole and he must have tried using a sarrogate and something didnt go as planned. maybe the black womans egg got fertilized instead.ooppppss. but its ok tom he is a handsome boy and you should claim him.

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    Author: Written June 13, 2011

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