The 1995 film Illegal In Blue starring Stacy Dash

    Illegal In Blue is a 1995 film starring Stacy Dash and Dan Gauthier. It is about a woman who avenges her baby sister’s suicide by killing the people she blames for making her sister feel so bad about herself she didn’t want to live. One of the people she kills is her husband whom she married as part of her vengeance plot. The movie starts the night she kills her husband. We don’t see the murder. The movie starts with her getting into a cab that is being driven by a cop on a leave of absence from the police force after he witnesses police corruption. From the moment Kari Truitt, the character played by Stacy Dash, asks the cop/cab-driver Chris Morgan (Dan Gauthier) how far he would go for someone he loves, if he would kill a man, you sort of know you’re not watching an Oscar caliber film. There are a number of sex scenes in the film that border on soft core adult entertainment.

    Stacy Dash was 29 years old when she starred in Illegal in Blue. The film was a direct to video release. Clueless in which she played the character of Dionne Davenport came out that same year.

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    Author: Written April 13, 2011

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