Who designs Willow Smith’s clothes?

    Does Willow Smith get her clothing custom made or can her outfits be found already made stores?

    1. Samsam Igbokwe says:

      Well, Willow has a regular stylist, Mariel Haenn who designs the clothes she wears for the red carpet and other functions, but not all the time. Willow clothes from stores, of course, but not all the time too. She has some private designers [like that of her AMA outfit], with whom she does her work. We all love her anyways, who really cares, long as she looks good all the time!

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    2. says:

      can you make clothes for me I will not be mean. please pretty please with a cherry on top.
      to:you and tell me your name please.
      p.s I live in north wood hills.ok.please come.

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    3. says:

      And please answer.

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    4. admin says:

      Seems some controversy resulted from the outfit Willow Smith wore to the 2010 American Music Awards. Apparently her style wasn’t so unique after all but was a copycat of another designer. Read Willow Smith’s AMAs Stylist Revealed — Exclusive

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    5. Lucy says:

      Pleasee Tell Where you Can Buy Clothes Like Willow Smith??

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    Author: Written November 22, 2010

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