Is it true that Lady Gaga intends to create a perfume that smells like blood and semen?

    I apologize for offending anyone with this question. Just reading it alone is offensive. I personally want to vomit.  I doubt there’s any truth to the rumor though. Lady Gaga is ridiculous and full of major loads of crap but she’s not stupid enough to think a perfume will sell that smells like blood and/or semen. It goes against the whole idea of perfume. Perfume is not supposed to assault the senses and since Lady Gaga probably pretends to be all kinds of crazy because it makes her boatloads of money, there’s no chance she’d try something that so obviously would fail to make her any money at all. Lady Gaga, if she said anything of the kind, was just doing what she does best, and she’s not even original with that one. She probably was inspired by Grace Jones and the character she played in the film Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens way back in the day.

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    Author: Written January 28, 2011

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