Watching four or more hours a day of TV can bring on cardiac arrest?

    Apparently there was some 2011 study that was published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology that claims:

    Researchers found that people who devoted four or more hours a day to screen-based entertainment—mainly watching the tube–had double the risk of a major cardiac event resulting in hospitalization, death or both, compared to those who spent less than two hours daily on these activities. (source)

    Personally that sounds like a load of utter and complete crap, but I’m just saying that because I’m jaded, what with studies coming out refuting studies that come out refuting studies that come out refuting studies. At some point I figured none of these people know what they hell they’re talking about and the findings in most studies are pure hogwash, and if anything these people find in their studies had been a fact there wouldn’t be studies that dispute the fact because for something to be a fact it cannot be disputed. And this is as far reaching a finding as I’ve ever come across, but they are the scientists and I’m just an idiot with a keyboard, ten fingers and a mind full of marshmallow fluff, so you should probably take their word for it and pay no attention to anything I have to say about it. Stop watching 4 or more hours of TV a day or you could very possibly have a heart attack.

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    Elderly Couple sitting on sofa watching tv
    Author: Written May 13, 2012

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