Tyra Banks seen on date with Drake is she hopping on the younger man bandwagon?

    Jennifer Lopez might be setting a trend for older gals. Not that Tyra Banks is in the same age group and JLo. Tyra won’t be 39 until December 4, 2012. JLo will turn 43 July 24, 2012; but Tyra is still pretty mature and it would definitely be considered an older woman younger man scenario if she gets in a relationship with Drake.

    Tyra Banks and Drake were apparently seen together at Disneyland in California on what appeared to be a date. Drake is 25 and will turn 26 in October 2012. There are almost 13 years of difference in their ages. Not that it’s necessarily a big deal or anything. 13 years age difference is really nothing.

    Tyra’s previous relationship was with investment banker John Utendahl. Utendahl was owner of the the Utendahl Group, described as one of the largest African American-owned investment banking groups in the United States. Seems he had some financial problems and became a minority stake holder in his company in 2010. Wonder if that had something to do with his and Tyra Banks’ break up. Did she leave him because his net worth decreased?

    As far as Drake and dating a younger man goes, John Utendahl did look a lot older than Tyra Banks so maybe the experience with him left her craving something younger and more virile.

    Image of Tyra Banks David Shankbone

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    Tyra Banks at the 2012 Time 100 gala
    Author: Written May 6, 2012

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