Mark Ballas’s girlfriend Tiffany Dunn demonstrates how to lose a guy in 6 minutes

    Ladies, you don’t get to decide what your boyfriends can and cannot do with their lives. Hate their smoking? Leave them and find someone who doesn’t smoke. If they want to quit for you that’s for them to decide. You can’t force them to quit.

    They won’t share stuff with you that their share with other people? Leave them if it bothers you. You can’t make them tell you anything they don’t want to tell you and it’s their right to tell you or not to tell you. It’s not your right to know.

    Unless they really love you so much and you have such a deep relationship that despite your nagging that they still propose, if your aim is to become the Mrs. it’s a bad idea to be a nagging and controlling girlfriend.

    Not happy with your boyfriend? Leave him, otherwise, if you want it to go the distance, suck it up, shut up, bitch about him to your mother or your sister but stay out of his face.

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    Mark Ballas and Tiffany Dunn Fighting
    Author: Written April 6, 2012

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