Why does my husband treat other women better than me?

    Do you have a husband who treats you with impatience and disinterest but treats other women with consideration and respect and always appears to have interest in what they have to say? Are you that woman whose husband will always remember to hold the door for other women but never remember to hold it for you? Are you ever out in public with your husband when, in the middle of a conversation with you he sees some woman he knows and abruptly turns his attention away from you seeming to forget you even exist as he smiles and laughs with this woman?

    If your husband treats other women better than he treats you and no amount of complaining to him about it results in a modification of the behavior, you should probably start asking yourself some questions about what kind of treatment you think you deserve and will sit around and tolerate. If your husband doesn’t think you deserve the courtesies he shows to other women, or that you deserve for him to smile and laugh with you and work as hard to charm you as he does to charm other women, get the heck outta the marriage!


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    Author: Written November 11, 2011
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