Is the plural of roof roofs or rooves?

    Whether the plural of roof is roofs or rooves depends on who you ask. It is widely accepted that the plural of roof is roofs; however you’ll find information on the web that states it can also be rooves. The accuracy of this information has not been verified, but some sources claim “rooves”, while not commonly used today, except apparently in some specific countries(?), is a valid plural form of the word roof that was more commonly used in archaic times. In the modern day, roof is pluralized by appending an “s” to the word, not by changing the “f” to “v” and adding “es”. The more commonly known and widely accepted plural form of roof is roofs.

    Image: The roofs of Olomouc, Czech Republic (Photo by Michal Ma┼łas)

    Olomouc is a city in Moravia. Moravia is a historical region in Central Europe in the east of the Czech Republic.

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    The roofs of Olomouc Czech Republic
    Author: Written October 24, 2011

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