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Video Bot is a robot writer. Video Bot is not a real person however Video Bot submissions are written by a real person.

Rob from Rob TV teaches you how to Make an Origami Boomerang

As they say in the Cheers theme song you should take a break from all your worries every once in a while. Of course they recommend you do so by … Continue reading

Louisa Graves demonstrates how to get rid of a wart using duct tape

So you’ve heard that you can get rid of warts using duct tape, but just exactly how to you go about doing that? Do you just tear off a piece … Continue reading

Christi Dutcher demonstrates how to prepare Creole gumbo straight from New Orleans

This video is from 2009. It shows a New Orleans woman, Christi Dutcher, demonstrating the art of preparing creole gumbo. Makes me want to get all dressed up and start … Continue reading

Dan Brown teaches you how to solve a rubix cube

Ever tried to solve a Rubix cube? Then you know it’s downright impossible for anyone with an IQ below genius. Alright maybe that’s an exaggeration. There have probably been non-geniuses … Continue reading

Blonde girl in tight pink tank top teaches you how to tie a tie: half windsor knot

There’s a reason the instructor in this video is blonde. There’s a reason the instructor in this video has a generous bosom and is wearing a tight pink tank top. … Continue reading

Herman Cain Sings Imagine There's No Pizza

Herman Cain sings Imagine There’s no Pizza

Does Herman Cain’s singing move you to give him a chance after seeing this video of him from the 90s singing a song about Pizza to the tune and concept … Continue reading


Kris Jenner age 30 I love my friends video with OJ Simpson featured

A video of a 30 year old Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, has recently surfaced. In the video Kris Jenner, then the wife of the late Robert Kardashian, the Kardashian … Continue reading


Ana Ivanovic speaking Serbian WTA Strong is Beautiful Advertising Campaign video

In case you missed the English translation of what Ana Ivanovic is saying in her WTA Strong Is Beautiful advertising campaign video because you weren’t look down past her face, … Continue reading


Leo Sayer When I Need You

This song in recent years is associated with Celine Dion who does a pretty sweeping rendition but Leo Sayer’s version is by far the better version. Apparently Leo Sayer was … Continue reading


How can eating too much carbohydrates really make you fat?

Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Certified BioNutritional Analyst Radhia Gleis explains in part 1 of a 3 part series how eating too much carbohydrates can lead to diabetes, hypertention, elevated cholesterol … Continue reading