is there a lot of prejudiceness in cle elum washington

does the population of white people in cle elum washington dislike the small african american population?

Is the Coachella Festival a celebrity only event?

From what it seems anyone can attend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. It’s not just for celebrities.

Should Jenna Talackova and other transgender women be allowed to compete in female beauty pageants?

Jenna Talackova, a beauty pageant contestant, was kicked out of the Miss Universe Canada competition because she was born male. Although Ms. Talackova has identified as female since the age … Continue reading

What Age is the Best Age to Have a Baby?

I came away from reading this article on with the impression that there is no “best age” to have a baby. Every age comes with it’s own set of … Continue reading

Is Kris Jenner mixed with black?

Kris Jenner has a mixed appearance. Her complexion hints at mixed ethnicity; but as to what she might be mixed with is anybody’s guess.

Are you poor if you only make $20000 per year?

It really depends on the size of your household and the number of children under 18 that live in your household. Based on 2011 data from the US Census, the … Continue reading

Why do rich people go to Aspen for Christmas?

Other than the snow what is it about Aspen that beckons the rich and famous during the holiday season? And how rich do you have to be to be able … Continue reading

Is life over for women after age 50?

Apparently, unless you happen to have a lot of money to afford to fight back against nature, life after 50 is hellish. No one cares about you. You’ve gotten fat … Continue reading

Are guys only interested in girls for sex?

Most of the time it does seem as if guys are only interested in girls for sex.

When did having babies young become fashionable in Hollywood?

Used to be a time when having babies in their 20s was not a good career move for Hollywood actresses, but these days it seems to be the thing to … Continue reading