An example of ambivalence used in a sentence

Ambivalence is uncertainty. It’s having mixed feelings about something; not being sure Sentence Example Myra called off her wedding because she considered her ambivalence over questions about John being the … Continue reading

What is another word for reiterate?

Reiterate means to restate something; to say or do something again. Some other words for reiterate Repeat Restate Rehash iterate Apparently the word reiterate is born of an error made … Continue reading

What does it mean to say that something is figurative?

To refer to something as being figurative is to say that the thing is not literally meant. If something is figurative it is symbolic — a metaphorical or otherwise ornate … Continue reading

What does setting a precedent mean?

To set a precedent is to do something that later becomes the example used for other occurrences of the same or similar thing. A precedent is defined as the original … Continue reading

What does it mean to be impartial?

Impartial means unbiased and fair, able to avoid casting prejudicial judgements. To be impartial is to be open-minded and objective, neutral and equitable. When you are impartial you do not … Continue reading

How is being docile similar to being credulous or gullible?

A docile person is someone who bends and yields easily. A docile person is very accommodating and amenable and agreeable in a way that makes them easy to manipulate and … Continue reading

What does it mean to call something sacrosanct?

A sacrosanct thing is a sacred thing. Sacrosanct means sacred, holy, hallowed or godly. Sentence example From “Black Bird” by Michel Basilieres There was something so white, so pure, so … Continue reading

If something is described as monolithic what does it mean?

Something that is monolithic is too immense and too massive to move. It does not have to be restricted to a physical object. People’s prejudices for example can be described … Continue reading

What are some characteristics of prudent people?

Prudent people are careful and cautious. They are circumspect and discerning, discreet and mindful. Prudent people play it safe. They don’t take wild and crazy chances They tend to be … Continue reading

What does a labyrinth look like?

A labyrinth is like a maze or similar structure with passages that interconnect and that you cannot easily find your way out of. Labyrinth can be used to describe a … Continue reading