What does it really mean to have charisma?

To have charisma is to have a kind of attitude and personality that is highly confident and very magnetic. When you have charisma people are generally excited to be in … Continue reading

What are some words that mean the same as daunt?

To daunt is to strip of courage. Some words that mean the same as daunt consternate dishearten dismay intimidate thwart deter

What are some characteristics of assiduous people?

An assiduous person is one who is attentive and diligent, hard-working and industrious. An assiduous person will be tirelessly and persistently engaged and engrossed in what they are doing. Assiduous … Continue reading

What does indigenous people mean?

Indigenous people are people who are true natives of a particular region meaning they are the the original inhabitants of that region. Indigenous means intrinsic or innate or native to. … Continue reading

What does it mean to be supercilious?

A supercilious person is someone who acts all haughty and full of disdain for others he or she considers to be beneath his/her class or station in life. One who … Continue reading

What is indolence?

Indolence is disinclination towards physical exertion. In a word indolence is laziness. An indolent person is a habitually lazy person who prefers to sit around and do nothing all day.

How do you use the word dearth in a sentence?

Dearth is a condition of scarcity. A dearth of something is a lack of it. In her book “Accidents of influence: writing as a woman and a Jew in America”, … Continue reading

What does it mean if something is marred?

If something is marred that thing is in some way damaged. It is not necessarily destroyed, but it has been in some way disfigured. An example would be a beautiful … Continue reading

What does it mean to squander something?

To squander something is to waste it. A frequently used example is money. If you squander money you waste it by spending it on things you don’t really need that … Continue reading

What it means to do something in a cursory way?

When something is done in a cursory way that thing is done carelessly and hastily without care and concern or attention to detail. Cursory means rapid, speedy, hurried. It is … Continue reading