What is the DVD release date for Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts and Lily Collins

Seems a little early but read that Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts and Lily Collins will come out on DVD some time in June or July 2012. The film was … Continue reading

The Avengers set new box-office record with 200 million weekend

I confess, I wasn’t among the throngs that sat in theaters this weekend watching The Avengers. Have seen a lot of pictures of Scarlett Johansson in her body suit over … Continue reading

Was Management Jennifer Aniston’s worst film ever?

Management was a bad film. I watched it On Demand some time ago and I can remember thinking “this is a bad film”; and right now I don’t remember a … Continue reading

Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises trailer

Nothing in this trailer has made me want to see this film; but apparently it’s exciting everybody else and they can’t wait to see it. Anne Hathaway in particular sounds … Continue reading

Rihanna to star alongside Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 6?

Apparently Rihanna is set to play the role of a sultry vixen alongside Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 6. Think they’ll have chemistry? Don’t know if Rihanna’s sultry vixen … Continue reading

Name of the movie that has both Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez 2012

Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez are in “What To Expect When You’re Expecting“. Jennifer Lopez plays the role of Holly. Cameron Diaz plays the role of Jules. (film trailer) The film … Continue reading

Age of Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men?

Tom Cruise was born in July 1962. A Few Good Men premiered in December 1992. Assuming filming occurred sometime between July 3rd 1991 and July 2nd 1992, Tom Cruise was … Continue reading

How old was Demi Moore when she starred in A Few Good Men in 1992?

Demi Moore was born November 11, 1962. A Few Good Men premiered December 11, 1992, 1 month after Demi celebrated her 30th birthday. Assuming filming occurred after November 11 1991 … Continue reading

what day of the month did november 28, 2011 fall

What day of the month did November 28, 2011 fall on? Monday

When will Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol be out on DVD?

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise and Paula Patton is scheduled to be released on DVD April 17 2012. On rotten Tomato the film had an average rating of … Continue reading