Kim Kardashian trying to generate sales of Kanye West sneaker designs by wearing them?

Uodate: Apparently the sneakers are Air Jordans Just saw Kim Kardashian in sneakers. Weird sight. Have no idea who designed the sneakers but they look a little Kanye West so … Continue reading

Linday Lohan’s White House Correspondents Dinner black halter dress

Lindsay Lohan cleaned up pretty well for her appearance at the White House Correspondent’s dinner tonight. She’s even beating Kim Kardashian in a TMZ “Who’d You Rather?” poll. She’s right … Continue reading

Where to get Rihanna’s strapless fringe bikini

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Have you seen Rihanna in her hot-pink high-low Marchesa dress?

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What is up with this white fishtail gown that Solange Knowles is wearing?

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Does Brooklyn Decker need a fashion stylist?

I have a feeling Brooklyn Decker is wearing garish outfits on purpose. There’s no way a top fashion model (Is she a fashion model or just a swimsuit model?) could … Continue reading

Is the short black sequin dress that Jennfer Lopez wore to the American Idol elimination show too short?

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Kim Kardashian’s butt in her high waisted checked trousers

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Brooklyn Decker’s CinemaCon 2012 hot pink and red hi low color block dress

Despite her ill-fitting hot pink and red hi low dress at CinemaCon 2012, Brooklyn Decker manages a pretty smile as she poses with Eugene Levy. (Check out the dress on … Continue reading

BCBGMAXAZRIA Women's Debra Colorblock Wrap Dress

5 color block dress recommendations for Brooklyn Decker

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