Why does everybody want a Maclaren Stroller?

Does everybody want a Maclaren stroller? Don’t know if that’s really a fact any more than it would be a fact to say the reason everybody wants a Maclaren stroller … Continue reading

How much does a hot pink Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang cost?

A hot pink Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang costs $289.99 at Amazon

Reebox easytone shoes false claims

Easytone shoes won’t strengthen and tone your buttocks

Apparently Reebok has been lying to consumers. At least that’s the implication made in a Time article dated Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011. Seems Reebok is having to pay $25 million to … Continue reading


Sarah Palin’s Kazuo Kawasaki Eyeglasses 704 where to buy?

You can purchase the Kazuo Kawasaki eyeglasses 704 through Amazon.com. The price shown on amazon.com as of this posting is $210.00. The vendors selling this product via Amazon.com are Glasses … Continue reading


Can you use Compound W Wart Remover Fast-Acting gel for warts under your eyes?

From what I’ve read the answer in no, you cannot (should not) use) Compound W Wart Remover Fast-Acting gel on your face so I’m going to guess it’s even more … Continue reading


Why do tempur pedic mattresses cost so much money?

I suppose you shouldn’t expect to pay the same amount of money for a bed that sleeps like you’re lying on a plank as for a bed that feels like … Continue reading


Why does the So In Style Barbie doll Grace have green eyes if the So In Style Barbie dolls were created to more accurately reflect African American women?

Not suggesting African American women can’t naturally have green eyes but it is certainly rare and usually would only happen in cases of mixed ethnicity so why create a line … Continue reading


Where have the O.B tampons gone? Apparently that’s what a number of O.B. tampon users would like to know

Someone must have had quite a laugh over at money.cnn writing up this report about how women nationwide have been unable to find O.B. tampons on their store shelves since … Continue reading


Ever tried Crest 2 Hour Express Whitestrips and 3D White Rinse?

Do Crest teeth whitening products actually work? Particularly their 2 Hour Express Whitestrips does it work? I’m curious to try it but at it costs $35.83 which is a bit … Continue reading


Dasani water tastes like?

Not all water tastes the same as everybody knows. I’m sure there are tons of people who will disagree but I find so far of all the bottled waters I’ve … Continue reading