How can I compete with my husband’s 25 year old lover?

You can’t. Sorry to tell you this. Unless you’re 25 yourself or nothing older than 30 and unless you’re as pretty as his lover and have as great a figure … Continue reading

I’m in love with my best friend’s husband and I think he likes me too should I pursue him?

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I’m 54 and my boyfriend is 44 yrs old Is he too young for me?

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Is it required for a wife to have sex with husband?

There is no law requiring a wife to have sex with her husband. No wife is required to have sex with her husband but a wife is certainly expected to … Continue reading

What is the name of Ivana Trump’s new boyfriend 2012?

It is not clear if the man Ivana Trump has been seen frolicking on the beach in St. Barts is her “boyfriend”. His name, according to X17 is Antonio Zequila. … Continue reading

What’s the age difference between Whitney Houston and Ray J?

Update Saturday February 11, 2012: Whitney Houston died today at age 48. Whitney Houston was born August 9, 1963. She’s 48 years old. Ray J was born William Ray Norwood … Continue reading

Is dating a younger man such a bad thing?

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Has Hugh Jackman ever cheated on his wife?

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Why is Heidi Klum filing for divorce from Seal?

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When your boyfriend ignores your calls but answers your texts

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