Caught in the middle between girlfriend and ex boyfriend what to do?

Break up with your girlfriend until she resolves her ex boyfriend issues. There have been cases of people losing their lives as a result of getting caught in the middle … Continue reading

A twelve year old girl dating a 13 year old boy is it appropriate?

There’s nothing wrong with a 12 year old girl dating a 13 year old boy. They are practically the same age.

How to end an annoying relationship

Just end it. If it’s annoying it shouldn’t be that difficult to just tell the person it’s over without feeling any guilt about it. Maybe they will learn a lesson … Continue reading

Chances of marriage lasting if you get married because you’re pregnant?

The chances of a marriage lasting if you get married because pregnant are probably the same as the chances of marriage lasting if you get married for any reason other … Continue reading

Age difference between Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn

Woody Allen was born December 1, 1935(age ). Soon-Yi Previn was born October 8, 1970(age ). There is a 35 years age difference between Woody Allen and his wife of … Continue reading

My boyfriend is fat and lazy

Apparently it bothers you that your boyfriend is fat and lazy. You can Try to change him (usually futile) Dump him Stop complaining and accept him the way he is

Should I go through with marriage if girlfriend hates my mother?

If your girlfriend already hates your mother and you’re not even married to her yet, that’s a hint to you of the hell that you have in store for you … Continue reading

How to tell my husband he’s fat and I don’t want to have sex with him?

Just say it. If you don’t want to hurt his feelings you can try to be delicate about it. Say something like, “honey I love you but I’m just not … Continue reading

What went wrong in Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s marriage?

When we marry just for kicks and just because hey why not sounds fun let’s try it we can always return it if it doesn’t fit, our divorce shouldn’t surprise … Continue reading

How can I get my ex boyfriend back after being split up for a year?

Scenario: Girl’s boyfriend broke up with her. She begged and pleaded with him to give them another chance, but even though she was standing there in tears he walked right … Continue reading