He broke off engagement but not relationship should I leave him?

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Should I allow my boyfriend to stay best friends with a girl?

You don’t control your boyfriend. You shouldn’t think you have the power to decide who he gets to be friends with. He doesn’t need your permission to stay friends with … Continue reading

How can I break up my best friend and her boyfriend so she’ll have more time for me?

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Do pretty girls ever go out with short guys?

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Is it wrong to ask out a guy who already has a girlfriend?

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Is a 23 year old boy too old for a 16 year old girl to date?

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Am I the only 16 year old girl who has never been on a date?

No, you are not the only 16 year old girl who has never been on a date. It might feel like it to you, but you’re really not.  Some girls … Continue reading

How to get over it when you kiss a boy and then he tells everyone you have bad breath

You just have to know that you’re going to get over it even if it doesn’t feel right now like you will.

What to do when you like a girl but she doesn’t like you back?

There’s nothing you can do other than just accept the fact that she doesn’t like you back. If you’re around her all the time it will probably be hard, but … Continue reading

How can I get my girlfriend to stop being so annoying?

Yell at her that she’s annoying the crap out of you. That’s usually an effective way to either shut her up or get rid of her altogether. Women can’t handle … Continue reading