What do you do if you catch your boyfriend and best friend kissing?

Walk away and never talk to either one of them again. You can confront them calmly and ask them what’s going on but what difference is it really going to … Continue reading

Is it mean to not want to be seen in public with your obese wife?

If you’re also obese then you have a lot of nerve to not want to be seen in public with your obese wife, but if you’re not obese yourself then … Continue reading

Is it mean or honest to tell my wife she’s fat and ugly?

It’s both honest and mean; but better to be honest and mean than to pretend to be kind when inside your heart and your mind there are ugly thoughts and … Continue reading

My wife has gotten really ugly what do I do?

Love her anyway. Did you marry her because of how she looks or because of who she is? If you can’t love her anyway then leave her? She might think … Continue reading

Does your husband love you if he threatens to leave if you don’t lose 15 pounds?

If 15 pounds is all it will take to satisfy him then you can’t be that much overweight which makes him kind of a jerk. 15 pounds is the difference … Continue reading

Why does the new wife always hate the husband’s ex wife?

There are probably cases where the new wives and the ex wives get along. In the cases where they don’t a lot of it is probably just them reacting antagonistically … Continue reading

Do long distance relationships ever work?

Long distance relationships can work for a while, but a relationship can’t survive forever where two people never have any physical contact with each other. You need physical time together … Continue reading

My boyfriend told me he doesn’t like me what should I do?

Sometimes people say things when they are angry that they don’t mean, but you want to pay attention when someone tells you they don’t like you. Those are probably the … Continue reading

Am I a bad daughter to be embarrassed by my fat mother?

You’re not a bad daughter. You’re just human and you live in a world where it’s considered something embarrassing too be fat. Fat people are mocked and taunted and they … Continue reading

Is it still cheating if you continue to be friends with someone you’ve had an affair with?

Is it still a marriage if you continue to be friends with your ex? No. A relationship can end and the two people remain friends; but if the husband or … Continue reading