Flowers and cross on a tombstone

Susan Beran and Florence Beran – when desperation leads a daughter to murder her mother then kill herself

Susan Beran was a 57 year old woman who had been taking care of her 85 year old mother Florence Beran who suffered from Alzheimer’s. This past Friday afternoon, May … Continue reading

New York Daily News Daniela Lekho

New York Daily News thinks Daniela Lekhno’s death is only tragic because she was beautiful

Daniela Lekhno was one of the students from Boston University who lost her life in a minivan crash in New Zealand May 11, 2012. Because she was from Brooklyn, the … Continue reading

Bristol Palin at a book signing in Phoenix Arizona on July 9 2011

Bristol Palin has an opinion on Obama’s same sex marriage endorsement

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even Bristol Palin. The question is, does Bristol Palin’s opinion deserve to carry such weight that it gets an entire article write up on … Continue reading


Florida woman Marissa Alexander gets 20 year jail sentence for firing gun

An aggravated assault charge for firing a gun to scare off her husband has resulted in a 20 year jail sentence for a Black woman in Florida. You might feel … Continue reading

Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding 3 year old son on cover of Time Magazine

The Time Magazine cover of Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3 year old son

What do say about the cover of Time Magazine featuring 26 year old mother Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her 3 year old son Aram? According to an article on the … Continue reading

Stephanie Broten-Darnell Landrum

What to do with parents like Stephanie Ann Broten and Darnell Alan Landrum?

A Fridley, Minnesota mother and her partner have been arrested and charged with gross-misdemeanor malicious punishment of a child after they forced the woman’s 12 year old daughter to “shave … Continue reading

Mother runs leaves 4 year old daughter behind when man with knife attacks

Ok, it was shocking to see the video of the mother who ran and left her 4 year old daughter behind when a man with a knife approached her as … Continue reading

Can you go to jail for refusing to bow to the Queen of England?

I’ve always said that there’s no way in hell I would ever bow to anybody, except maybe God if he turns out to exist. I don’t think I’d dare refuse … Continue reading

What’s the deal with teachers like Kacy Christine Wilson who have sex with students?

Did Kacy Christine Wilson actually think she was going to be the first teacher to get away with having sex with her underage student? She had to have thought so, … Continue reading

Who would eat the flesh of dead infants to increase their sex drive?

Just read an article titled “Chinese-Made Infant Flesh Capsules Seized in S. Korea”. It’s about an a performance-enhancing pill that’s apparently made from the dried flesh of dead infants. It … Continue reading