Jason Ready of Arizona murders 4 people then commits suicide

Tragedy has struck a family out in Arizona. A gunman who has been identified as Jason Ready, a former Marine who was involved in the organization of a militia group … Continue reading

Charles Fritzner II and Ltanya Fritzner of Jacksonville Florida killed by son Charles Fritzner III

How do you shoot and kill your own mother and father? Charles Fritzner III of Jacksonville Florida has been arrested and charged with shooting and killing his mother Ltanya Fritzner, … Continue reading

Lynnettee and Kaylene Keller murder suspect Peter Keller hiding out in fortified underground bunker

There is a hunt underway in the state of Washington for a man suspected of shooting his wife and daughter to death then setting his home on fire with the … Continue reading


Neha Patel Lakeland Florida Mother charged with murder for letting her 1 year old son drown

According to a New York Daily News report, Neha Patel of Lakeland Florida hated her son from the day he was born. They say the woman admitted her hatred for … Continue reading

Jerome Issac, 47, kills Deloris Gillespie, 73, by setting her on fire in a Brooklyn elevator

What can one say about something like this? A 47 year old Brooklyn man set a 73 year old woman on fire in the elevator of the Prospect Heights apartment … Continue reading

Sara McMeen of Illinois kills herself her boyfriend and her 3 children

A 30 year old woman from from Emington Illinois has left her neighbors in shock after she shot and killed her three children and her boyfriend then took her own … Continue reading

43 year old man kills his 19 year old girlfriend and posts notice on facebook

A 43 year old Indiana man named Bart Heller updated his facebook status with a message that read: “someone call 911. three dead bodies at 3229 lima road fort wayne … Continue reading

Mother and son found dead in car in Hempfield Township Pennsylvania

A 52 year old mother and her 21 year old son were found dead in a car in a Red Lobster Parking lot in Hempfield Township Pennsylvania. The deaths are … Continue reading

Bayonne New Jersey murder suicide Adepso Collado Kenia Collado

A 28 year old Bayonne New Jersey man shot and killed his estranged wife, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s 14 month old son then shot and killed himself. Adepso Collado … Continue reading

Mary Ann Holder Greensboro North Carolina mass shooting

Mary Ann Holder North Carolina Fatal Attraction murders

A 36 year old North Carolina woman killed herself Sunday after going on a shooting spree that left two dead and several others injured. Mary Ann Holder was apparently bitter … Continue reading