Banded agate

What does agate look like?

Picture shows banded agate. Agate is a microcrystalline variety of silica. Microcrystalline means that it contains small crystals that are only visible through microscopic examination. Silica is a silicon dioxide … Continue reading

Riordan Sat Sandal by Michael Antonio in color Champagne

Riordan Sat – Champagne Riordan Sat – Champagne Weaved straps and upper 4 inch stiletto heel 3/4 inch platform

What does a Piper Comanche airplane look like?

The Piper Comanche (Piper PA-24 Comanche) is a four-seat aircraft that was manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Company. The plane was first introduced in 1957. Production of the Piper Comanche … Continue reading

Picture of a false bird of paradise lobster claw flower

This is a lobster claw. It is also known as a false bird of paradise because it closely resembles the bird of paradise flower. Image by vzonabaxter via Flickr

Picture of a Bird of paradise flower

Bird of Paradise is a flower that belongs to the genus Strelitzia which is said to contain 5 five species of perennial plants that are native to South Africa. There … Continue reading

What do Billy Buttons flowers look like?

These are billy button flowers. They are apparently a genus of daisies that are also known by the name woollyheads. They are native to Australia and New Zealand. Image by … Continue reading

Picture of a Bighead Knapweed flower

Interesting name. Seems this is a noxious weed that is illegal to buy/grow in some states. Image by Matt Lavin via Flickr

What does a bachelor’s button flower look like?

This is what a bachelor’s button looks like. Bachelor’s Button is another name for the cornflower. Image of a bachelor’s button by Philip Bouchard via Flickr

What do Baby’s Breath flowers look like?

There are said to be approximately 100 species of flowering plants in the gypsophila (baby’s breath/soap wort) genus. Image of baby’s breath by Linda Daley via Flickr.