Picture of a false bird of paradise lobster claw flower

This is a lobster claw. It is also known as a false bird of paradise because it closely resembles the bird of paradise flower. Image by vzonabaxter via Flickr

Picture of a Bird of paradise flower

Bird of Paradise is a flower that belongs to the genus Strelitzia which is said to contain 5 five species of perennial plants that are native to South Africa. There … Continue reading

What do Billy Buttons flowers look like?

These are billy button flowers. They are apparently a genus of daisies that are also known by the name woollyheads. They are native to Australia and New Zealand. Image by … Continue reading

Picture of a Bighead Knapweed flower

Interesting name. Seems this is a noxious weed that is illegal to buy/grow in some states. Image by Matt Lavin via Flickr

What does a bachelor’s button flower look like?

This is what a bachelor’s button looks like. Bachelor’s Button is another name for the cornflower. Image of a bachelor’s button by Philip Bouchard via Flickr

What do Baby’s Breath flowers look like?

There are said to be approximately 100 species of flowering plants in the gypsophila (baby’s breath/soap wort) genus. Image of baby’s breath by Linda Daley via Flickr.

What is the state flower of Wisconsin?

The state flower of Wisconsin is the Wood Violet. The Wood Violet was designated as the state flower of Wisconsin in 1909. The scientific name of the Wood Violet flower … Continue reading