Are there really things every woman should have and should know by age 30?

    Just read a silly list on Huffington Post titled “Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know”. As I read it I couldn’t help thinking this is why women are so depressed the older they get and basically convinced their lives are worthless and by age 45 they figure all that’s left to do is shrivel up and die, because the publications they read religiously make up these ridiculous lists that tell them what they should have and what they should know and what they should think and how they should feel, and they buy into the nonsense and judge their life and their entire worth accordingly.

    I fully agree with this Huffington Post comment by Phasmidia:

    I believe that there is really only one thing to have and know by the time any person (man or woman) turns thirty (and at any point in his/her life); the realization that it is unnecessary to have or know any list compiled by other men and/or women dictating what they believe you ought to have or know. You have what you have, and you know what you know, so believe what you want to believe….I’m not telling you to do so, however.(link)

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    30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know
    Author: Written April 28, 2012

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