Yesterday was Thursday – Today it is Friday – Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after that sings new 13 year old youtube sensation Rebecca Black

    Youtube has catapulted a number of people literally to the top of the world and no doubt 13 year old Rebecca Black and her parents are hoping she will be the next youtube made mega super star. Rebecca’s song Friday has been listened to on Youtube 15,802,205 times and she’s already been interviewed on Good Morning America. Is she a phenomenal talent? Maybe not, but let’s be honest, our entertainment industry has not required phenomenal talent as a pre-requisite for being signed to multi-milion dollar record deals in ages. Quite frankly you can have phenomenal talent and still not get very far in the entertainment business if you don’t have the looks to go with that talent. These days you just need a pretty face and skilled people who know how to cover up your mediocre singing talent, or in the case of Kim Kardashian and her so-called first single Jam Turn It Up, your complete lack of singing talent, using audio technology.

    Don’t knock Rebecca Black or her parents for having the courage to take advantage of the opportunities that are there for any and all of us to take advantage of if we dare. Say what you want about her song, and seriously the lyrics of “Friday” make me cringe, but in a few years Rebecca Black will probably have a shoe closet that’s bigger than your entire house and filled with shoes that combine for a cost more than three times what you make in a year.

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    Author: Written March 18, 2011

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