May 22nd, 2013

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George Clooney and President Barack Obama

I personally didn't give much thought to the headlines announcing George Clooney's plans to throw a fund raising party for President Obama. Even the part where it mentioned that guests would be paying $40,000 to attend the event didn't manage to evoke a reaction from me one way or another; but Continue Reading→

Latest Headline Talking Points

Flowers and cross on a tombstone

Susan Beran and Florence Beran – when desperation leads a daughter to murder her mother then kill herself

Susan Beran was a 57 year old woman who had been taking care of her 85 year old mother Florence Beran who suffered from Alzheimer's. This past Friday Continue Reading→

New York Daily News Daniela Lekho

New York Daily News thinks Daniela Lekhno’s death is only tragic because she was beautiful

Daniela Lekhno was one of the students from Boston University who lost her life in a minivan crash in New Zealand May 11, 2012. Because she was from Continue Reading→

Entertainment News & Info

Rihanna at the Battleship Australian Premiere 2012

Are you ready to admit you’re jealous of Rihanna?

Rihanna loves to show off her photos and why shouldn't she? If you looked as good as Rihanna Continue Reading→

Beauty Q&A News and Info

Lark Voorhies

Lark Voorhies a plastic surgery victim?

I know the "What happened to Lark Voorhies" topic is yesterday's news, but I was looking at some side by side (pictures) of her on People and I think it's pretty obvious what happened. I'm thinking Continue Reading→

Lindsay Lohan Face

What is up with Lindsay Lohan’s face?

Yikes, somebody needs to stop Lindsay Lohan before she destroys her looks any further. Poor child must have been really messed up in the head to have thought she needed any kind of plastic surgery, Continue Reading→

Fashion Q&A News and Info

mango nicky short white crochet dress

The Mango Nicky Sleeveless short white crochet dress

If you're shopping for a short white dress for a 2012 summer event where you want to look both casual and elegant and also sexy, the Nicky sleevelss crochet dress from Mango is a great choice. The Continue Reading→

Eva Longoria Late Show with David Letterman Black dress May 2012

Designer of the black dress Eva Longoria wore on the Late Show with David Letterman May 2012

The dress worn by Eva Longoria on the Late Show with Dave Letterman is a Victoria Beckham design. Victoria Beckham’s designs are all about hugging the body and showing off the curves of slim to Continue Reading→

Business & Technology Q&A

Scott Thompson former yahoo ceo

Scott Thompson forced to resign from his position as CEO of Yahoo Inc

Shortly after the doctored resume scandal broke out, Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, the man who stood accused of lying on his resume by claiming Continue Reading→

Mark Zuckerberg at the 37th G8 Summit in Deauville May 2011

What ever happened to the website Friendster and could Facebook end up like Friendster?

For some reason I woke up this morning and suddenly remembered that before Facebook there was Friendster, and I wondered, "What ever Continue Reading→

Food Q&A News and Info

campbells cream of chicken soup

1 serving of Cream Of Chicken Soup Campbell's Red And White Condensed (1/2 cup) contains the following in nutrition: Calories 120 Sugar 1 g Fat 8 g Carbs 10 g Nutrition Facts Serving size 1 serving, 1/2 cup (124 g) Amount per serving Calories 120Calories from fat Continue Reading→

Sports Q&A News and Info

Serena Williams at the 2011 AEGON International

Serena Williams to face Victoria Azarenka in Madrid Open 2012 Final

Update: Serena beat Azarenka 6-1, 6-3 If you're a Serena Williams you probably already know she's in the Madrid Open Final where she will face Victoria Continue Reading→

Will Serena Williams be playing in the 2012 French Open?

It appears as if Serena Williams will be playing in the 2012 French Open, but there are still a number of days to go and the official website hasn't published Continue Reading→

When does the French Open 2012 begin?

Looks like the 2012 French Open tennis tournament will be getting underway some time around Monday May 21st 2012. Continue Reading→

Fitness Q&A News and Info

Mariah Carey Shape Magazine Cover

Does Mariah Carey’s body look weird on her Shape May 2012 Cover?

Everyone's raving about Mariah Carey's body on her Shape magazine cover but I'm not so sure I think she looks as good as everyone's saying. Her body looks kind of weird. Check it out Continue Reading→

Health Q&A News and Info

Elderly Couple sitting on sofa watching tv

Watching four or more hours a day of TV can bring on cardiac arrest?

Apparently there was some 2011 study that was published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology that claims: Researchers found that people who Continue Reading→

Three elderly men

Is erectile dysfunction a real illness or just men not wanting to accept reality?

A new erectile dysfunction drug has just been approved by the FDA. It's called Stendra. All these drugs to help men get erections when nature does what nature Continue Reading→

Can a person worry himself or herself to death?

A person probably cannot literally worry himself or herself to death, but eventually a person can die from illnesses that are brought on by worrying and Continue Reading→